A holistic evening ritual

A holistic evening ritual

Flow was created to support the lymphatic system, but it was also formulated using the most nourishing and luxuriant oils so that your wellness routine feels like an act of love. 

Indulge in our favorite holistic nighttime ritual.

A peaceful and quiet evening spent at home. You light a candle and place it on your counter as your garden tub fills in the background. A low light emits and guides you to your cabinet where you pull out your favorite Flow body oil and press a few pumps into the now-full bathtub. A divine scent fills the air as you enter, and you float down into the water. After a relaxing soak, you wrap yourself in a soft towel and lather yourself in a holistic and luxurious body oil. The air is lightly perfumed with tangerine and lemongrass as you get into bed for the evening, lulling you into a deep sleep.


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