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Velle's mission is simple: to help women live a healthier, vibrant life by focusing on organic herbal remedies to balance hormones and support every phase of your life.

Reduce Bloating & Improve Digestion

Gut health is no joke. Most of our immune system stems from our gut health, many hormones are converted in the gut, and gut health has a huge impact on our mental well being. This supportive blend helps your body to repair the intestinal lining all while helping to boost digestion.

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Body Oil with a Purpose

Indulge in velvety smooth skin, support your immune system, and reduce signs of cellulite at the same time

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Clear skin in a comforting cup

Cleanse is a liver loving herbal tea that supports detox and liver function to balance hormones and clear up your skin. No trendy $100 juice or laxative tea, just herbs that have been used for centuries. Effective, simple, no bs.

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Real reviews from real customers

Great lymph drainage product

I recommend this to anyone after surgery, lipo, or who needs lymphatic drainage help. Or just want a good-smelling nongreasy massage oil! Very good packaging. No leaks. I brought it to my massage sessions, and the massage therapist loved it! She even purchased her own to use on her clients. 
It smells great and feels great. It rubs in very well and has really helped the healing process. Doesn't stain your clothes. A little goes a LONG way, so it lasts a long time.
Worth the money, and definitely recommend it 1,000 times over.

Doctor Approved!

I have been trying to find a great cleanse/detox teas! Finally found the best one! I get my blood work done regularly due to some health issues! My doctor was so impressed with how my liver was! Specifically told me whatever you are taking, don’t stop! Will be ordering more and more!

A tea your gut definitely deserves!

Both kids loved the taste of this tea. It's SO GOOD, and the smell of the herbs combined is amazing! I seriously recommend all the teas on here!! They're truly one of a kind.

This tea is my favorite ritual

I absolutely love this tea and cannot get enough of it! I work nights, and when I get home in the morning, I like to wind down with a hot cup of this tea. Sometimes I drink it plain because the cherries add sweetness to it and the taste is very pleasant. Other days I will add a little bit of honey and lemon, which is refreshing and super yummy! I know every time I drink it, I am taking care of myself and showing my body so much love. This is one of my favorite parts of my routine and I'll tell anyone who will listen about it! Don't even think about it, buy it and thank me later!

NOT your stereotypical "Cleanse/Detox"

A hot cup of Cleanse begins my morning ritual. It has none of the undesireable side effects of a stereotypical "cleanse/detox." I love that nature tastes so nice and keeps my belly feeling and behaving so well!


This lymphatic body oil is amazing! I was told that even just a little bit goes a long way, and it truly does! It absorbs so well and left my skin feeling so soft. To top it off, it smells INCREDIBLE! If I could rate this more than 5 stars, I would. I absolutely recommend!!

I'm a convert!

It took one use to sell me on this oil. It smells heavenly and smooths on like silk. It absorbs in just a couple of minutes, but the effect lasts for hours. FLOW hits all the right sensory buttons. I'm a convert.

This really works!

On sore muscles and joints, this is very amazing. It makes kneading muscles much easier and helps the person giving the massage to glide their hands over the recipient's skin. It soothes muscular tension and leaves skin feeling soft. It smells really good!

Best Oil EVER

This is by far the most luxurious and amazing body oil I have ever used! I have very dry skin and have tried many different body oils that left my skin feeling greasy, which is a feeling I can't stand. This oil absorbed into my skin very quickly and left it feeling soooo soft. My favorite thing about it though is the smell. I love citrus oils and the fragrance of this oil is so refreshing.

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