Coffee Isn’t Bad for You, You’re Just Drinking It Wrong

Coffee Isn’t Bad for You, You’re Just Drinking It Wrong

Coffee: The Right Way to Enjoy Your Brew

In the expanding world of health and wellness, coffee often finds itself at the center of hot debate: is it the drink of productivity or just a fast track to jitters and anxiety? The truth is, coffee isn't inherently bad for you; the real issue lies in how you're drinking it.

Timing is Everything

Starting your day with coffee on an empty stomach can send your stress hormones, like cortisol, into overdrive, leaving you feeling anxious and on edge. The key is to give your body some time to wake up and fuel up. Waiting about an hour after breakfast to enjoy your coffee can make a significant difference in how you feel. And for those who skip breakfast, it's time to rethink your morning routine. Introducing some protein into your first meal of the day can help mitigate coffee's impact on your stress levels.

Acidity and Digestive Health

Coffee's natural acidity, coupled with caffeine's knack for stimulating stomach acid production, can be a recipe for discomfort, especially if consumed on an empty stomach. This can lead to irritation or even damage to the stomach lining over time. If you're experiencing consistent stomach pain or acid reflux, it might be worth examining your coffee routine in relation to your meals.

Insulin Resistance and Blood Sugar Levels

Coffee has a temporary effect on insulin resistance, potentially leading to drops in blood sugar levels. This is particularly crucial for those managing PCOS, who may already be monitoring their blood sugar closely. Adjusting coffee intake could be a key factor in managing symptoms and maintaining balance.

Quality Matters

Not all coffee is created equal. The risk of mold growth in coffee beans is real, and consuming mold-contaminated coffee can have adverse health effects. Opting for brands that rigorously test for mycotoxins can help to ensure your coffee is safe. Furthermore, like many crops, coffee beans are often treated with pesticides and herbicides. To avoid chemicals like glyphosate, look for brands that prioritize organic growing methods, testing and transparency regarding these chemicals. One of our favorite brands is Edge Coffee Company

When enjoyed correctly, coffee can be a great addition to overall wellness. By paying attention to the timing of your morning coffee, eating a balanced diet, and choosing high-quality beans, you can savor your favorite drink without compromising your health. As consumers, we have the power to drive market decisions by voting with our dollar and supporting brands that take the health and safety of the consumer seriously.

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