A Note from the Founder

I’m Val, the founder of Velle, and I'm thrilled to share my story with you.

My journey started when I was struggling with my hormones after years of taking birth control, ADHD medication, and thinking I was eating a healthy diet. After receiving news that I needed thyroid medication and that my fertility was in serious danger, I knew I had to take charge of my health.

That's when I turned to herbs as a natural alternative to the medications that doctors prescribed me. Having dabbled in herbalism since I was 14, I cleaned up my diet, fixed my gut and liver health, and repaired my hormones. The transformation was remarkable, and my closest friends urged me to share my experience with other women.

Velle was born as a way to share holistic health information that wasn’t readily available via mainstream channels. But it quickly grew into something more - a community of women who support each other through every phase of life. From your first period to your last, Velle is here for you.

As someone who comes from Eastern Europe, holistic health was always a part of my life. My mom would reach for herbs, roots, and tinctures whenever we were sick or needed a pick-me-up. Tea with honey and lemon fixed nearly every problem, a mustard bath would stave away almost every fever, and a bright purple drink would fix a bout of food poisoning. And as much as I scoffed at it as a bratty teen, I now see my mom’s wisdom in avoiding pharmaceuticals whenever possible. Many of the formulations we have at Velle were inspired by my childhood, and I'm proud to share those traditions with you.

The name, Velle, is a nod to my family and our immigrant roots. It's how my mom and sister pronounce "well" and it reminds me of the women who raised me. I'm so grateful to them for passing down this sacred knowledge, and I'm honored to continue that tradition with Velle.

So join us in our ritual of tea, and family. Let's be well together.

Happy Healing,